4 European partners

Founded in 2007 by two leaders from vocational training and guidance in setting  up European projects, Leno brings his expertise and experience in France and Europe. Specifically, Leno offers innovative solutions for your development whether individual or collective, immediate or future.Through face training or distance, forging partnerships of local, national or international, or simply advising you, Leno accompagnies you. Many companies have placed their confidence to train their staff.

To assist you in your selection,  Leno has created 5 training solutions:

1. Leno Forward: Training of trainers on the tools and the pedagogy of distance education.

2. Leno IT: Training in industrial design, aero design, building design, captivate, office, web design, web tools 2.0.

3. Eco-Leno: Training in eco-construction, waste management, renewable energies, water treatment, eco-tourism.

4. Leno EU: Training in management, partnership, assistance, meetings organisation.

5.  Leno³: Training in management, survey, recrutment, payroll, foreign language, mobility, teacher training, distance training tools.



ibis acam Bildungs GmbH is a private Austrian company specialized in Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education. The company employs more than 500 trainers in 85 locations in Austria and Germany. In 2010 more than 38 000 people participated in the training courses organised by the company. ibis acam cooperates with the Austrian Employment Service  (AMS) by organizing training measures for job-seekers aimed at upgrading their skills and basic competences and thus contributing to their (re)integration into the labour market.  The company also offers special training programmes for private companies. The training programmes and measures include courses in: job orientation and job research ; coaching & career and personality development ; vocational education in selected job categories (including eco-construction) ; alphabetization and language training (German for immigrants and foreign languages  for specific  job categories) ; computer related further education. ibis acam has a profound experience  in the training of  specific target groups such as job- seekers,  immigrants, adolescents, women and people aged 50+.

Lifelong learning projectsIbis acam participates in a series of Lifelong Learning projects of the European Union (in vocational and adult education Leonardo da Vinci / Grundtvig ; transversal programmes). Its most ambitious project is currently the development of language training materials tailored to the specific needs of low-skilled migrant workers in the construction sector (COLA project).  Six EU countries participate in this project co-ordinated by ibis acam.


CIFP Someso is a Vocational School in A Coruña (north-west of Spain). We have different Vocational Training Cycles, from Lower-Level of Initial Vocational training (16-19 years old) till Higher-Level Vocational Training (18-21 years old). We have a special programme called PCPI –Initial Professional Qualification Programme– for students with learning disabilities or social integration problems and also a special programme for adults. We have about 100 teachers and 1000 students.

We have different departments: Building and Civil Works, Mechanical Manufacturing, Wood and Furniture, Transport and vehicle maintenance, Personal Image, Working orientation and Training (FOL), Vocational Guidance.

About bio-construction, our main projects are: European Project Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO: Teachers visiting bio-construction experiences in Berlín; European Project Leonardo da Vinci PARTNERSHIPS: Toulouse (France) Viena (Austria) Eberswalde (Germany) A Coruña (Spain); Bioconstruction Conference: Ten years experience teaching bioconstructión in Vocational Training; Sustaninable Building with Strawbales in the Vocational Training: International training activities with partners from Berlin, Brandenburg, and Letonia

We are interested in working with other foreign countries in two European Programmes: Leonardo da Vinci Programme and Grudving Programme.


VHS – Brandenburg and Berlin GmbHThe non-profit education center for VHS – Brandenburg and Berlin GmbH is located in Berlin-Marzahn,Brandenburg, Eberswalde, Oranienburg and Finsterwalde.

Qualified personnel, over250 permanent educational staff, teachers and social workers in the five training centers serve approximately 1600 youth and 210 adults in well-equipped workshops, training and accommodation.

Our clients are the respective appropriate employment services (85%), youth and social services, economic enterprises of the region, the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Women of the Land Brandenburg and the Berlin Senate.

Our activities:

1. Professional Preparation

2. Vocational Training

3. Training / retraining

4. Employment and social measures

5. Children and young persons

6. Corporate training